Patient participation group

We are keen to hear what our patients have to say about our services, and wherever possible wish to involve patients in service development. To this end we have a Patient Participation Group, and we are always keen for new members.

The group’s aims are:

  • To be a voice for patients
  • To provide a link service for patients with the practice/advocacy role
  • Support the practice with new developments
  • Provide feedback to the practice
  • Provide suggestions on how patient services could be improved

If you would like to join our PPG please email our Communications Lead, Brittany, at

Below are some key documents that the PPG would like to share with all patients:

Cornerways Medical Centre PPG – Terms of Reference

The PPG hold a meeting every 8 weeks; more recently due to COVID-19 all meetings have been held via video link.  Below is a table that highlights all meetings in 2020-21 together with the associated minutes.


Meeting Date Type of Meeting Minutes
09.12.19 Face-to-Face PPG Meeting CMC Meeting Minutes 09.12.19


(Joint PPG Meeting)

JPPG MeetingMinutes 15.01.20


(Joint PPG Meeting)

JPPG Meeting Minutes 06.02.20


(Joint PPG Meeting)

JPPG Meeting Minutes 05.03.2020
19.08.20 Vritual PPG Meeting CMC PPG Meeting Minutes – 19.08.20
17.12.20 Virtual PPG Meeting CMC PPG Meeting Minutes – 17.12.20
04.03.21 Virtual PPG Meeting CMC PPG Meeting Minutes – 04.03.21
13.05.21 Virtual PPG Meeting CMC PPG Meeting Minutes – 13.05.21
28.07.21 Face to Face Meeting CMC PPG Meeting Minutes – 28.07.21


Upcoming Meeting(s):

Wednesday 13th October – 4:30pm

Online Consultation

Contact our admin team with administrative queries such as sick note requests and acute medication requests, with a reply within 5 working days. 

Online Consultation (Medical Issues)

For non-urgent medical issues with a reply within 10 working days. 

Online Services

Order repeat prescriptions and access your GP records online.


Register as a patient with the practice.